Huron Research Suite


Huron IACUC (Coming in Summer 2019)

Huron IACUC facilitates high-quality, compliant reviews for research studies involving the care or use of animals. The system provides access to species, procedures, substances, training information and inspections to facilitate the submission and review process.


Huron Grants (Coming in Fall 2019)

Huron Grants
Huron Grants is a comprehensive solution for proposal submission and award management. The system ensures successful proposal creation and budget development, electronic submission to, and post-award management capabilities include award setup, modification entry, and budget reconciliation to enter and track sponsor approved budgets.


Huron COI (Coming in Spring 2020)

Huron COI
Huron COI streamlines the disclosure process for potential conflicts of interest. The system integrates annual disclosure data with related research certifications to ensure transparency and track compliance.

Reporting Tools

Research Development & Training

Contract and Document Management


Other Research Administration


eFacilities and Administrative Cost System

eFacilities and Administrative Cost System
Huron's efacs® system provides a flexible web-based cost system for the calculation and negotiation of the facilities and administrative (F&A) rates. The data models available and created within efacs are used by UCF sponsored research to determine the appropriate F&A rate to be applied on all university research facilities.